COBOL Programs

The following programs written as a part of COBOL mini-course.

Program 1A takes a set of records in an input file and simply outputs in an organized table.


Program 2 builds on Problem 1A by adding counts and arithmetic functions.  It also uses if/else logic flow.


Program 3 (Table) builds on Program 2 with use of table  and array.


Program 4 (Search) uses 3 files and searches using both sequential and binary searches to correctly populate the table.


SearchJCL  is the JCL that executes Program4Search.

Program 5 (Sort) makes use of the input procedure/output procedure sort.


SortJCL is the JCL that executes Program5Sort

IDCAMSRepro  JCL copies information from a sequential file to a VSAM file.

CreateVSAMKSDS JCL deletes existing VSAM cluster and creates a new one.



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